Who is FeatherB

Hello, Assalam alaikum. I’m FeatherB. Nice to meet you. Welcome to my little corner of the internet. So what can I tell you about me… I live in the Bay Area with my wonderful huBBy! 🙂 I very very much enjoy writing, READING and sharing my little thoughts on life,  books, food, my travels, etc. Other than that, I’m just a regular, extremely ordinary person, and with the help and guidance from God, trying to navigate myself through this journey we all call life. Sound a bit cliche? I know, it is, but its also the truth~ 🙂   

Why am I doing this? Well like I mentioned, I love to write. I used to write for my school newspapers and did some freelancing for local papers as well. But then medical school took over my life, leaving me with the desire to write, and no time to do so. Now that I have found some time, Alhamdulilah, I would like to share my thoughts. And by doing so, I hope that they will motivate, inspire or perhaps benefit you along the way. 🙂