Juz #10

Surah Al-Anfal: (continued)

  • War booty (findings) collected should be divided into 5 parts: 4 parts are divided among the fighters. The 5th part is to be divided further into 5 portions and distributed into society. Its to be shared and not to kept unfairly/unjustly.
  • The wealth that Allah (swt) gives us is not just for us.
  • Whatever found on the battlefield should be deposited for the people and the city. Not to be kept for yourself. Must be divided according to Allah (swt)’s Law.
  • SubhanAllahi wa-bihamdhihi: very important Dhikr. For overcoming fears, when giving wealth, in the night, when facing the enemy, etc. More beloved to Allah (swt) than a mountain of gold spent in His way.
  • If you believe in Allah (swt), then you must change your ways for Him. Must abide by His law. Must change your character and habits in accordance to Allah (swt)’s Law.
  • If something wasn’t Fard, we would not do it. For example: salat. If its made mandatory, and is unavoidable, it is only then that we do things. And because of these things that are Fard, we are granted benefits that we would otherwise never be able to attain.
  • Be patient and remember Allah (swt) much, it comforts and rests the heart
  • Shaytan came in human form claiming to be a protector of the people. But then fled and disassociated himself  because he saw the angels, and said, “Indeed, I fear Allah“. So even shaytan fears Allah (swt). So basically if: you do bad things, but fear Allah (swt), and yet continue to commit sins>>> its like you are behaving like shaytan.
  • Ayah 53: Blessings are only taken away from us, when we ourselves have done something to prove ourselves unworthy. Allah (swt) only takes it away when he/she is ungrateful, disobeys, commits sins etc. We need to analyze ourselves.
  • According to the Hadith: If you possess four qualities in you, then whatever you lose or suffer in this world, it will not hurt you. 1) Guarding trusts 2) Truthful speech 3) Good manners and etiquettes 4) Earning lawfully rizq (provision)
  • If you have these, don’t need to fear loss
  • Be prepared from before. Be ready and prepared for the end now. Don’t be scrambling at the very end
  • Whatever you spend in the way of Allah (swt), will be fully repaid to you. You will never be wronged.
  • War is not always necessary. Fighting and yelling is NOT always necessary. Incline towards peace. Rely on Allah (swt).
  • Mutual love of brothers and sisters in Islam is part of the Iman. Must love each other. Say salaam to on another. It brings people together. Leads to help each other, strengthen together
  • Put your trust in Allah (swt). Tell and remind yourself this is only possible through help of Allah (swt). Allah (swt) is sufficient. In all matters. Rely on Allah (swt).
  • Allah (swt)’s help is promised to the believers. Take it and be patient.
  • Greater the challenge, the greater Allah (swt)’s help will be. Dream big and have big goals
  • Help of Allah (swt) comes with patience, with Sabr. It will be according to our efforts and work
  • Our main goal should not be to make ourself financially strong.
  • Ayah 72: Talks about the reward of Hijrah. A Muhajir: someone who leaves that what Allah has forbidden. Mental Hijrah. Prophet Muhammad (saw): said that a person who continues to worship and obey Allah (swt) in times that there is widespread turmoil and Fitnah, when nobody else worshipping. By being firm in this time, is the same as doing Hijrah with prophet Muhammad (saw) to Madinah.
  • Those people living in living in cities and homes, that secluded and away from Muslims and Muslim population. Those that are struggling alone to be obedient to Allah (swt). Their reward will be that their faces will shine like the rising sun on the Day
  • Ansari: helps muslim brother and sister that has left something for the sake of Allah (swt).


Surah At- Tawbah: (The Repentance)

  • This surah does not start with Bismillah.
  • Deals with dissolving contracts/treaties between the polytheists (Mushrikeen) and Allah (swt) and His Messenger. Dissociation, so no Bismillah is said at the start of this surah.
  •  Was revealed after the conquest of Makkah. Treaties between Mushrikeen and Allah (swt) and His Messenger were annulled. They were dissolved. Then the people were given four months to decide if they would like to leave peacefully or stay and accept Islam
  • If they are peaceful, not against you, or deficient toward you than let them complete their treaty until its end
  • Ayah 5  is very commonly misunderstood. It is not a blanket statement or ayah for all people or disbeliever. Must keep in mind that the mushrikeen had caused a lot of problems and havoc for the muslims over the years. They were corrupted and mischievous criminals. They had killed many Muslims. If they were found and did not leave peacefully. They would be caught. It was justice. This ayah was a threat to them. A final push to them.
  • If enemy/polytheists wanted more time and seek your protection to learn more about words of Allah (swt), then give them safety and a grace period for more time.
  • Maintaining the mosque is a noble deed and loved by Allah (swt)
  • As believers we must love Allah (swt) and His Messenger and His Deen more than anything else
  • To understand the Quran and passing and sharing it on with others is a great effort itself. A jihad in itself.
  • Ayah 35: talks about punishment for hoarding wealth and not giving zakat (required charity).
  • Prophet Muhammad (saw): said the best wealth is: a tongue that remembers Allah (swt), and heart that is grateful, and a believing wife that will help in the matters of Iman. That is what we should get more of.
  • Four sacred months out of the 12. (Muharram, Rajab, Dhul Qa’dah, Dhul Hijjah)
  • The enjoyment of this world is very little compared to the HereAfter.
  • Prophet Muhammad (saw): If you dip your finger into the ocean, the water that remains on your finger after bringing it out is the dunya, the rest of the ocean is the HereAfter. The water on your finger tip dries up so quickly. So little is this dunya. So little remains of this dunya.
  • Everything is becoming polluted and over time you see that the value of this world is diminishing
  • Giving up a little now for more later, strive for Allah (swt)
  • We should never think: If I had not done this or that, then this would not happen
  • Qadr is part of Iman.
  • Whatever was meant to reach me, will reach me.
  • The fire you kindled is 1/70 of the heat of the Fire of Hell.
  • Ask Allah (swt) to use you as a tool to benefit Islam and Muslims
  • Alhamdulilah Alaa Kulli haal: Alhamdulilah for and in every situation
  • Be generous
  • Pray for a heart that gets restless when you sin
  • Don’t be of those who are easily replaced. Leave a legacy. If you don’t strive in Allah (swt)’s way, Allah (swt) will put others in your way, will replace you.
  • HasbunAllah: Allah (swt) is enough for us
  • Ridiculing believers has become equated with ridiculing Allah (swt), His signs and His Messenger.


Al-Huda, Fahm-ul-Quran 2015
Al-huda, the Quran club