Juz #13

Surah Yusuf: (continued):

  • Prophet Yusuf (as) was brought and employed exclusively in a position to the king. Yusuf (as) asked that he be given the position of guardian to the storehouses of the land. The request was granted and he was allowed to settle wherever he pleased.
  • The reward in the HereAfter is way better.
  • Goodness and reward for us if we are patient and good here.
  • One day the brothers of prophet Yusuf (as) came to Egypt seeking food. Yusuf (as) recognized them, but they did not recognize him.
  • Yusuf (as) supplied them with food and other goods. He asked them to bring their brother Benjamin next time, and told them if they want food for him, that they must bring this brother of theirs, or they would not get food.
  • Prophet Yusuf (as) also told his own servant to return the brothers’ money and put it back into their bags. This would be an incentive for the brothers to return. prophet Yusuf (as) really wanted them to return
  • Allah (swt)’s protection is the best protection. Leave everything in Allah (swt)’s protection.
  • The brothers of prophet Yusuf (as) asked their father if they could take Benjamin next time to Egypt to get more food. Their father, Yaqub (as), of course, said no. Going through their bags, the brothers noticed that their money had been returned to them, and upon seeing this asked their father again for permission to take Benjamin.
  • Their father, Yaqub (as) said: that he would not let them take Benjamin unless they promise by Allah that they will bring Benjamin back, unless they are surrounded by enemies. Meaning, do everything you can to bring him back, unless of course something impossible like being surrounded by enemies, happens.
  • This meant that they must promise by Allah (swt). But even then, Allah (swt) has control over everything.
  • So the brothers were given their father’s permission to return to Egypt with Benjamin.
  • Must instill the fear of Allah (swt). Must rely on Allah (swt)’s protection. We must put in best effort and rely on Allah (swt).
  • When seeing Benjamin in Egypt, Yusuf (as) took him aside and revealed his identity to him only.
  • Prophet Yusuf (as) filled the brothers caravan with food and supplies.
  • He also added a gold cup in there. Meanwhile at the king’s home, a gold cup specifically was missing.
  • Brothers of Yusuf (as)  were accused of stealing it. Their bags were searched and in Benjamin’s bag the gold cup was found.
  • The punishment for this is to be the slave of the owner of the cup for one year. This meant that Benjamin would have to stay in Egypt and not be able to return home.
  • Allah (swt)’s plans are always better for you. Trust Him, always
  • The brothers started to accuse, and also mentioned that Benjamin was just their half-brother. Yusuf (as) still did not reveal his identity to them.
  • Then they tried to get the master (who was the master of finance) to reason with them. Asked him if one of them (the brothers) could stay in place of Benjamin. The master refused, saying this would be unjust.
  • The eldest brother was quite ashamed because of what had already happened with Yusuf (as) in the past and now this was happening to Benjamin. He could not go back to face their father, Yaqub (as). He wanted to stay and let Allah (swt) decide.
  • The brothers returned and told their father what had just happened. Prophet Yaqub (as) remained patient
  • He turned away from them, and cried. He cried until he was blind. Because he did not to show or express his worries, sorrow and grief to anyone, to any people. This was only for Allah (swt) to see. He would only complain of his suffering to Allah (swt).
  • Sabr is never wasted.
  • Yaqub (as) told them to go and find Yusuf (as)’s brother.
  • The brothers approached the master, asking him for Sadaqah. He refused and reminded them of the what they did.
  • The brothers than approached Yusuf (as) and asked him if he is really Yusuf (as), their brother. He admitted this and said this is my brother Benjamin.
  • The brothers asked for forgiveness, and Yusuf forgave them.
  • This showed Yusuf’s noble character. And this increased his status and honor.
  • A prophet forgives even when he has the chance for revenge.
  • Yusuf (as) told the brothers to take his shirt and put it over Yaqub (as)’s eyes, so that his vision will return.
  • As their caravan left Egypt, prophet Yaqub (as) could smell Yusuf (as) as the brothers approached home. His family disregarded this and excused it as old age, making fun of him.
  • No matter how old someone becomes, they are still Allah (swt)’s creation. Must show mercy to them.
  • The brothers returned home, asking for forgiveness from Yaqub (as)
  • The parents and Yusuf (as) were reunited. Yusuf (as) had everything now.
  • Allah (swt) is subtle in what He wills.
  • Yusuf (as) had everything now, all worldly things. But still he turned to Allah (swt) as his Wali. As his Protector. Prophet Yusuf (as) still longed to meet Allah (swt), despite having everything in the world.
  • Stories of the Quran are not invented. They are a confirmation of the past and an explanation of things. A guidance and mercy for the believers.


Surah Ar-Rad: ( Thunder, name of an angel in the clouds)

  • Allah (swt) manages everything! Never cut off ties with family!
  • Most beloved speech is: Subhana kalla huma, was bihamdhika, wa la illaha ghayrukh.
  • Everything prostrates to Allah (swt). When we prostrate, 7 bones should touch the floor: face, hands, knees and feet.
  • Foam is scum, discarded like garbage, but good stuff, that benefits people remains on this earth.
  • Trials are a part of life. We must be patient.
  • Worldly life is a brief enjoyment. Nothing else.
  • the heart cannot be at peace without believing and remembering Allah (swt)
  • Believing and remembering Allah (swt) = living person
  • The dunya/world is shrinking. Its reducing.


Surah Ibrahim:

  • The Quran is meant to enlighten us. To bring us out of darkness.
  • If you are grateful He will give you more Grateful in all times, bad and good.
  • A believer is useful even when the climate is harsh. Be peaceful to those around us. Be a source of benefit to others.
  • Say Salam to everyone. Must remain stable in faith, in Iman.
  • Perfect your prayers
  • Give Sadaqah constantly
  • Prophet Ibrahim (as) was concerned about the spiritual well-being of his people, of his descendants.
  • He was concerned about their Iman
  • If a person abandons Salat, this is a big warning sign. This leads to more sins and collapse of the rest of the pillars.
  • We must fulfill our spiritual needs.
  • Ismael and Isaac were granted to prophet Ibrahim (as) at a very old age. Allah (swt) had heard his dua, even after many many years. He was about 100 years old.
  • Prophet Ibrahim (as) could have easily been granted children much earlier. Allah (swt) could have given him children much earlier. But children are not and should not be the goal of our life. Spirituality, Iman, obedience, worship, servitude is our goal.
  • We must be patient and grateful, constantly.
  • The more a person sins the more he/she will be drowning in the Fire of Hell.
Al-Huda, Fahm-ul-Quran 2015
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