Ayah by Ayah


This section, in comparison to my “Juz thoughts,” is dedicated to my more detailed notes, reflections and thoughts of each ayah in the Quran. These notes have been compiled by me as I learn, study and understand the Quran, Ayah by Ayah. I have tried to keep them simple and to the point, hopefully making it easier and enjoyable for you to read.   

Various sources including my Tafseer teacher (Sister Mariam Wasti) can be credited for the information and understanding I have attained here. Of course all guidance and true knowledge is from Allah (swt), the One and Only. I have Him to thank for guiding me and pray that He continues to do so, inshaAllah. 

I hope that this information is not only interesting for you to read, but also brings you immense benefit,  as well as compelling you to open, learn, study and love the Quran!  

May Allah (swt) guide us all. 

Any mistakes, typos or errors are my own and I will do my best to correct them, if any.