Juz #8

Surah Al-Anam: ( continued)

  • It is those people who don’t believe in the HereAfter, that are inclined towards false speech
  • Never be in doubt of the Quran. Not even a fraction of lie is in the Quran. Quran is never needing of revision, editing or new versions/editions.
  • If you obey majority of the people on Earth, they will mislead you from the way of Allah (swt). They are following assumptions.
  • Majority is not authority
  • Should not do something related to Deen, just because everyone is doing it. Check if it’s in the Quran first. Must use our minds and brain. Follow the Quran and Sunnah. Even if its become a practice of a few people.
  • Sins are those things that you don’t want people to know about.
  • Others may lead many astray thinking they know, even though they have no knowledge. Others may tell you something is ok, but if in your heart, you know and feel it’s not right and is wrong, then do not do it. If your heart is not at ease, don’t do it. Leave it. Be on guard for what is unlawful.
  • Leave all sins, that Allah (swt) has forbidden. Even if people encourage and support those sins.
  • It is a sin to eat meat that which the name of Allah (swt) was not mentioned on it before slaughtering it. Even if it comes from a muslim.
  • The devil inspires its allies to dispute among you
  • Allah (swt) will be the protecting friend
  • Only place of security and peace is Jannah. Do anything to get there.
  • Our worth to Allah (swt) is determined by our amal (deeds and actions).
  • Expect reward from Allah (swt), not people. Do your deeds for Him, not for them. Do good deeds to elevate yourself, for Him.
  • Allah (swt) is Free of all Need.
  •  We always cut down on our worship (for example: witr/sunnah prayers) and this is bad/evil. Witr ( night prayer performed after Isha and before Fajr prayer. It is wajib, which means its very close to being fard)
  • Make your intention for Allah (swt) only.
  • Do not be excessive
  • Haram cannot be eaten unless in a state of starvation. And even then we should only eat just enough to save our life. Don’t get addicted to it. Only eat it if it will save you from starvation.
  • Follow this Book, the Quran. Don’t just read and put it away. Read, reflect and appreciate.
  • When you start something good, and others follow you, you get double the reward.
  • We are tested by the abilities Allah (swt) has given us.
  • Jannah is the Home of the Peace.
  • Wealth is a trial. Allah (swt) tests us with every single thing He has given us.


Surah Al-Araf: (The Heights)

  • Studying the Quran just once, is not enough. Shaytan is constantly calling and distracting us. It’s necessary to review what we learn in the Quran all the time.
  • Book of Allah (swt) and Sunnah; hold onto them and you will not go astray
  • Quran is meant to be acted upon.
  • Never think we have done enough. We can always do more good deeds.
  • And are those deeds done correctly, perfectly and acceptable? Look at the quality.
  • Being grateful is a deed, that will be weighed on our scale.
  • Weakness of eating, overpowers us
  • Shaytan was kicked out. But he asked to live until resurrection to distract us. He made a promise to bother us, to distract us, to scare us. etc.
  • Shaytan makes the haram attractive to us.
  • When we sin we are embarrassing ourselves
  • If something is decreed for us, we will surely get it. But its the way/method in which we get it, that should be beautiful.
  • Clothes cover us and beautify us.
  • A person who leaves ostentatious clothing ( vulgar, pretentious display, designed to impress or attract notice) for Allah (swt). On the Day of Judgement Allah (swt) will honor him/her with special clothing.
  • Shaytan is like a sniper. He is waiting for us. Especially when a woman leaves her home, because if she goes astray, her whole family will follow.
  • Shaytan is always watching us. Be on guard from him.
  • Hearts will be clean in Jannah
  • Respond to Allah (swt)’s call quickly, so that we are allowed to enter Jannah quickly on the Day of Judgement.
  • Save yourself from Hellfire even through half a date, one good word, etc. Even what seem like the smallest good deeds, may save us.
  • People always disobeyed and disbelieved the prophets and their message. Even though they, the prophets, were honest and trustworthy.
  • Prophet Muhammad (saw): Islam began “strange” and it will become “strange”. This is good news for the “strangers” (those who do good and right, when people have become corrupt). Prophets were opposed, because they were seen as “strangers.”
  • A person is successful in this life, when he remembers the favors and blessings of Allah (swt). Be grateful through obedience and worship of Allah (swt).
  • Reflect on the blessings, this will bring you closer to Allah (swt).
  • Those who spread corruption, their end/outcome is never good.
  • If you forget Allah (swt) and the Day of Judgement, He will forget you on that Day.
  • If a person adhere’s to the Quran, he’s making his life easier, not harder.
  • If Allah (swt)’s prophet Adam (as) was not safe from the whisperings of shaytan, we are in even more danger of his whisperings.
  • Never be arrogant about even one ayah or ruling in the Quran.


Al-Huda, Fahm-ul-Quran 2015
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