Juz #23

Surah Yasin: (Continued)

Three messengers came to a nation at one time. And still the people denied an disbelieved. They would say that the messengers are a “bad omen.” And so they told the messengers to leave or they would be killed. The whole nation denied the messengers. There was only person, from far away in the land that believed in the messengers. He told his people to believe in them. When the people heard this they killed this man. Allah (swt) loved the action of this man so much that as soon as he was killed, Allah (swt) said to him: Enter Jannah. This was the beautiful eternal beginning for him. His status was great, even though he died in this world for speaking up. This man said, I wish my people knew the reward so that they believed it. This man had sincerity and a big heart.

Allah (swt) gives wealth to those whom He loves and to those whom He does not love. But He gives Iman to only those who He loves.

The Prophet (saw) said, he who does 3 actions will taste the sweetness of faith: 1) one who worships only Allah (swt) alone, 2) That he believes that no one else is worthy of worship except Allah (swt) and lives it 3) Gives Zakat of his wealth happily. Without resentment in his heart, truly all for Allah (swt)’s happiness only.

We are incomplete without our pairs

Death comes suddenly. Allah (swt) tests people who are poor and people who are wealthy.

Israfil is the angel that is currently ready to blow the Horn of the Day of Judgement, when Allah (swt) commands it. Don’t delay until tomorrow to do a good deed.

On that Day, people will say, who woke us up while we were sleeping? Meaning the conditions in the grave will be nothing compared to the actual Day.

The people of Jannah, on the Day, will be enjoying. That will be their job or occupation. To enjoy. They will get whatever they wish. (Ayah 55)

In a hadith it is said: that plants and produce will grow so fast, so ripe, so high with a blink of an eye.

Jannah is the home of desires.

If a person wishes for a child, they will get a child of whatever age they want with in the hour

All wishes will be fulfilled

Criminals will be separated and told to stand apart

Those who deny, will not make it to Jannah

Prophet (saw) said that on the Day, mouths will be sealed. The thighs, palms of hands, feet, all will speak and testify

To those that Allah (swt) grants a long life, Allah (swt) reverses them as they get old.

The Quran is a warning for those that are alive


Surah As-Saffat: (Those who set ranks)

  • Angels stand up in rows.
  • Prophet Muhammad (saw) asked the sahaba (his companions) why they don’t do the same? The same as the angels. The sahaba asked how do the angels stand in rows? The angels make the first rows complete, and then next and then next. They don’t leave any space in between.
  • Keep the rows straight and joined at the shoulders like the angels. Don’t leave spaces in between you, for shaytan. Keeping the rows straight and proper is the beauty of salat. So fill in the gaps!
  • Surrender now, so that you can be free later
  • On the Day of Judgement, the non-believers will blame each other. But actually you can not blame anyone, cannot blame others, for you own deviation and transgression
  • More descriptions of Jannah are mentioned here now. Fruits and drinks will taste delicious there. Without any bad effects. Beautiful women, delicate as eggs, and well protected.
  • In Jannah, people will ask about those they knew back on Earth, in the world. He/she will see that person in Hell and say,” By Allah (swt) you almost ruined me.” Meaning if it wasn’t for Allah (swt)’s favor upon me, I would be in Hell too.
  • These days its very common for people to think you are crazy for believing in God, in Allah (swt) and the Deen
  • Greatest attainment is Jannah. This is the ultimate goal.
  • There will be many people who deter, deviate, make you doubt your journey and struggles to Jannah. But always ask Allah (swt) for guidance to the straight path.
  • Whatever we do should be for Jannah
  • What is better: Life of the Paradise or the tree of Zaqqum?
  • The Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: if one drop of the tree of Zaqqum fell on this earth it would make the life of this Earth so bitter.
  • Everything would be so bitter. It, tree of Zaqqum has been created as a punishment, as a torture for the wrongdoers. It comes from the bottom of Hell. Prickly, ugly and thorny, the fruit emerging from it looks like the heads of the devils. If they eat from this tree, they will fill their bellies. And afterwards will have hot scalding water to drink. This will be the meal of the disbelievers. And then back to Hell after their meals.
  • Even though their forefathers had gone astray, they, the wrongdoers and disbelievers, still followed without questioning
  • Allah (swt) is the best of responders. We must make dua. How many times do we actually talk to Allah (swt) and make dua.
  • The best thing that Allah (swt) likes or loves being asked for is Al-Afiyah. Al-Afiyah: well-being, safety, protection.
  • Never give up making dua.
  • A believer likes and enjoys the time he/she is by himself/herself, because that is the time he/she can really reflect and talk to Allah (swt). He/she finds delight in speech of Allah (swt)
  • Ask with conviction for the best from Allah (swt)
  • Ayah 100: My Lord, grant me a child from among the righteous.
  • This dua, of Prophet Abraham (as)’s was accepted after many years. In his older age, he was given Ismael (as).
  • After receiving the dream to sacrifice he asked (not commanded) Ismael (as) what he thought of this dream.
  • This shows and teaches us that children should be asked and discussed with in respect. Not ordered or commanded simply because of their age
  • Ismael (as) of course agreed to this command of Allah (swt)
  • Abraham (as) put Ismael (as) down on his forehead, so neither of them could see each other.
  • This was clearly a huge trial
  • Elias (as) was among the messengers sent to Bani Israel, when they were openly worshipping idols. They denied him
  • Jonah (as) is mentioned here. He was also among the messengers. The decision of who would board the ship had to be made and so they drew lots for it. His name kept coming up, so his people threw him into the sea, and a big fish ended swallowing him.
  • Tasbeeh takes us out of our problems. If he, Jonah had not done tasbeeh, he would have remained in the belly of the fish until final Day. He was thrown onto shore and a huge plant/vine grew over him, for shade. 100,000 men of his people were sent to him. They believed in his message and so he was given the enjoyment of life for a little while on earth.
  • Angels have fixed positions. Every portion of the sky have angels and an appointed place, standing or prostrating.
  • The Prophet Muhammad (saw) said that the best speech is that which Allah (swt)’s angels say: SubhanAllahi wa Bihamdhi-hi


Surah Sad: (Saad- the letter)

  • Dhikr is what brings peace and a sense of achievement to the heart. Brings barakah to your life.
  • David was in prayer and 2 men climber over to ask him a question. One man had 99 sheep and the other had just 1 sheep. One of them wanted his brother to give him his one sheep. Here David was reminded of a previous sin of his own, and fell down to repent.
  • Solomon would look at his horses to be reminded of Allah (swt) and his gratefulness to Allah (swt). They were a means of getting closer to Allah (swt)
  • A body was placed in Solomon’s throne. Here Solomon was reminded of a past mistake. The details are not important here. But this reminded made him repent again for that past mistake
  • Job (Ayub) asked Allah (swt): Shaytan has touched me with hardship and torment. So Job was told to strike the ground with his foot and from there a spring for cool bath and drink emerged. He, Job was physically sick for 18 years. He lost his family, his property, his everything. And the cure was just under his foot, simple water. Shifa (healing, recovery), solution comes from Allah (swt). Job repeatedly remembered and turned back to Allah (swt). And so he was treated, beautified and given riches. Because he remained firm in remembering Allah (swt). Be patient, because help (khair) is coming when the time is right. Don’t reach for haram.
  • In Jannah everyone will be of equal age.
  • Be honest, not pretentious, not fake


Surah Az-Zumar: (the Troops)

  • The goal is to please Allah (swt)
  • If you haven’t prepared for you meeting with Allah (swt), then on that Day before Allah (swt), you will dispute it. So be prepared.
Al-Huda, Fahm-ul-Quran 2015
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