Juz #17

Surah Al-Anbya: (The Prophets)

  • Realize the true purpose of your life. The real reason we exist is for worship.
  • Allah (swt) is warning that the day of Hisaab is very near. And that death is even closer.
  • We think most about this-worldly life, but this-worldly life will come to an END. For sure, there is no doubt about that. No matter what happened on Earth, it will END. This is a temporary flight.
  • The Quran is not only a message, it’s a miracle, a sign.
  • All good and evil is a trial for us. We are tested and every soul will taste death.
  • Remember death most often. Intelligent is the person who prepares for tomorrow. The Afterlife. He/she is the wisest.
  • Being hasty and impatient is what people are. This is from shaytan. A person who reacts so much all the time, emotional, switching emotions instantly, over reacting.
  • Calmness, being patient, this is from Allah (swt)
  • Earth is reducing in size. Whatever we have in this life, does and will gradually decrease and slip away. Money, life, youth etc.
  • The deed that is even as small as a mustard seed will be brought forward. To show justice. Not that Allah (swt) needs to do this, or to prove Himself just. But for justice a scale will be used to measure our deeds, to show us.
  • Become familiar and acquainted with the Quran
  • Prophet Abraham (as) broke all the idols except a big one. And then he told the people to ask the one big idol about this incident.
  • As a punishment from the people, Abraham (as) was then thrown into fire. But he continued to rely on Allah (swt), and it is Allah (swt) who saved him from the fire
  • Prophet Abraham and prophet Lot were delivered to Palestine. (Land blessed for worlds)
  • Noah (as) preached for 950 years. And even after then, only 80 people believed him
  • When we are confused, distressed, depressed say: Allah (swt), is my Lord, I don’t associate anything with Him.
  • David (was a king) and Solomon (his son) were both given knowledge
  • Don’t underestimate a person’s knowledge and wisdom due to younger or less age. Yusuf (as) was the youngest brother, Musa (as)  was younger than Aaron.
  • Aisha (ra) was much younger than Prophet Muhammad (saw)
  • When David did tasbeeh, the mountains and birds would join him. Not in echo. But they too would do tasbeeh, dhikr.
  • David was given strength over Iron. It was soft for him. He could mold it.
  • Solomon had command over the wind, blowing forcefully. And the Jinns did work for him.
  • In problems, we don’t always know what is best for us. For example during financial hardships, we think that getting a job is the solution, so we beg for the job. But we shouldn’t. Instead we should say: Adversity has touched me, and You (Allah) are the most merciful or the merciful.
  • Prophet Yunus (as) was angry and then fell into darkness of the belly of a fish, in the sea. He made sincere dua for forgiveness from Allah (swt). This dua is way out of a problems. (Ayah 87)* Allah (swt) responds to this supplication
  • Allah (swt) can return a person to fertility even after taking it away.
  • They, the righteous, the prophets, and their companions, would look for good deeds. They would hasten to good deeds. Rush to good deeds. Trying to please Allah (swt)
  • Doing good with Iman, is accepted. A person who gets up to do good even when he/she is sick, is like being put back into a state of purity like the day he/she was born.
  • Allah (swt) doesn’t punish us for our sins immediately, out of His mercy. He delays it, allowing us to repent. Limited time offer.
  • Just because we live an easy comfortable life, doesn’t necessarily mean that Allah (swt) is pleased with us. It could be that this period of comfort is going to be used as proof against us.


Surah Al-Hajj:

  • This is the only surah, in which there are two ayahs/two points of sujjud/sajdah/prostration.
  • Tremors and shaking of the Earth in the final Hour. It’s a terrible thing. And it won’t end until it all comes to an end.
  • Every nursing mom will be distracted on this Day. Pregnant women will abort their pregnancies. Nobody will care about another. So much fear and horror there will be on that Day.
  • Oh Allah, protect me from extreme old age. That after once having knowledge, know nothing.
  • Every deed will be brought to life.
  • Trials are a part of life. Never ever blame the Deen.
  • Goals are not worldly. Goals are for Allah (swt). For the Afterlife.
  • Call upon Allah (swt).
  • Never give up dua. Be patient. Allah tests us all. But never lose faith in Him.
  • Allah (swt) will clarify for us on the Day. Allah will judge the Jews, the Christians, Sabeans, Magians, etc. Everyone.
  • Those who disbelieve will have garments fire, scalding water will be poured on their heads. Will be struck with iron. The skin and contents of the bellies will be melted. Every time they will want to get out, they will be returned, to the taste the punishment of the burning Fire.
  • Those of Jannah will have gardens with rivers flowing below them. Bracelets of gold and pearls. Garments of silk. Beautified. Forever in comfort and luxury.
  • These righteous inhabitants of Jannah, were guided to good speech (the Quran) in the world. When they were invited to the Quran, they accepted it and adopted it.
  • Keep the masjid pure and clean. We must not dirty the masjids.
  • Rituals of Hajj. Doing tawaf is a very noble deed. Doing it without saying anything else but the mention of Allah (swt), Dhikr, will get the reward of freeing a slave.
  • Avoid uncleanliness of idols
  • Avoid lying. Lying is a major sin
  • Previous nations were also told to make sacrifices of animals.
  • Symbols of Allah (swt)
  • Camel and cattle. Must mention Allah (swt) name during sacrifice. Be thankful for it. For the blessings of food.
  • Piety from you reaches Allah (swt)
  • Worry about your own work, Allah (swt) will protect you.
  • Strive for Allah (swt). Establish prayer, give Zakat.
  • He is our Protector. Excellent is the Protector. And excellent is the Helper.
  • Hold fast to Allah (swt).
  • Spend so that He spends on you.


Al-Huda, Fahm-ul-Quran 2015
Al-huda, the Quran club