Juz #21

Surah Al-Ankabut: (continued)

  • The Quran was revealed to be recited to yourself and to others as well. To spread the light of Iman
  • Establishing prayer is the next most important thing, it prevents immorality and wrongdoing. Increases humility and establishes a connection to Allah (swt). It changes your entire life. Learn to give up, for Allah (swt). Restrict yourself for Allah (swt). Salat is the key to changing to good. Salat destroys sins, past and present. Helps you get rid of bad habits. Greater than any good.
  • Dhikr of Allah (swt) is the greatest
  • Don’t argue, but instead speak to the people of scriptures, nicely
  • Punishment of Hell is very serious. It’s a very serious and real pain. It will be everlasting. We should beg Allah (swt) to protect us from the Hellfire. Prophet Muhammad (saw) used to beg for protection. We struggle from just the heat in this world, imagine the heat of the Hellfire. (Allahumma ajirni min-anar)
  • Earth is big. So if you can not worship Allah (swt) in a certain place, move. Make a change, move out, change jobs, change your lifestyle. Leave what is preventing your worship. Any change done for the sake or worship of Allah (swt) is a form of Hijra.
  • What is meant to reach you will ultimately reach you
  • Allah (swt) keeps His creation alive
  • Life is like a movie or a tv show. It will come to an end. Its temporary. It isn’t real or permanent. We are all travellers here. Its our temporary place of stay.
  • Home in the HereAfter is what is real and eternal.
  • Allah (swt) has removed from this world perfection. Absolute security and peace doesn’t exist here. It’s all in the Darrussalam: Home of Peace, which is the HereAfter
  • In Jannah, the body will not age, there will be no such thing as over indulgence, no boredom, no limits for pleasure, no limits for anything. People will not be tired or exhausted. There will be no need for sleep.
  • Therefore strive now. Struggle now. For the eternal reward.
  • Allah (swt) will surely help those who strive maximally for His pleasure. Who struggle in the way of Allah (swt). He is with the righteous.


Surah Ar-Rum: (the Romans)

  • Muslims were with the Romans. The mushrikeen were with the Persians.
  • Glorify (dhikr) Allah (swt) in the morning and in the evening.
  • A woman who doesn’t sleep until husband is happy, is loving and takes care of the kids. Who pleases the husband, and is not always nagging. This is a loving and committed wife. To her, her husband’s happiness is most important. Wives must take the relationship with their husbands seriously.
  • Must give in your relationship in order to receive.
  • Ayah 32 discusses the sects (shia)
  • Our goal when doing any good deed, is that this good is for Allah (swt), and not for people.
  • Helping relatives is for the sake of Allah (swt). Join relationships. Give relatives their rights.
  • When you pay interest, it does not increase anybody’s wealth. But when you pay Zakah it increases everybody’s wealth. Yours, theirs, all.
  • Hold onto faith firmly, with feet planted
  • The greater the difficulty, the greater the reward, inshaAllah


Surah Luqman:

  • Those who are buying amusement of speech to mislead away from Allah (swt) will have a humiliating punishment. Watching and listening to music, tv shows, movies, and then listening to the Quran afterwards, does not feel amusing or as joyful to them. This leads to them not being interested in the Quran anymore. It deviates you away from it.
  • Luqman was a wise man. He was not a prophet.
  • Be grateful to our parents
  • Everything and anything as small as even a mustard seed will be brought forth.
  • Do not be boastful. Be moderate in pace, and lower your voice.
  • Submit to Allah (swt) while doing good.


Surah As-Sajdah: (the Prostration)

  • Allah (swt) has created the heaven, the earth and all that is in between in six days
  • Deeds are presented every Monday and Thursday. Prophet Muhammad (saw) said that: I like to be fasting when my deeds are presented. Therefore he would fast on Mondays and Thursdays
  • Lowest rank in Jannah will be equal to a kingdom of all kings on earth. 5-10 times that even
  • Highest rank in Jannah will be those Allah (swt) chooses. It is sealed. Homes He has made. Gifts there are sealed by Allah (swt). It will be just for those people of this level in Jannah


Surah Al-Ahzab: (the Combined forces)

  • Adopted kids shall be called by their birth father’s name
  • Cannot say someone is your child or someone is your father unless they are indeed actually your son/daughter or father, respectively. By birth.
  • You cannot change or make up your name, father, lineage that was given to you from Allah (swt). For that person, who does change this,  Jannah is forbidden. Because you are living a lie. This person’s deeds will not be accepted.
  • Blood relatives are the rightful inheritors first.
  • The wives of Prophet Muhammad (saw) were asked what they desire, worldly life full of adornment or the HereAfter. If they want this life, that is fine, they will get it but they would also be then be sent away. Because then they would not be deserving of having Prophet Muhammad (saw) as their husband.
  • But then wanting the HereAfter would mean a life of hardships with the Messenger, but a multiple fold reward in the HereAfter
  • Comforts of this world prevent a person from working hard.
  • The world will turn its back away from us. HereAfter is coming. Be children and seekers of the HereAfter. Put in the effort NOW!
  • Allah (swt) loves those who do not love this world. Who are not greedy for this world and its worldly pleasures. Those who work hard and strive in the name of Allah (swt). Be indifferent to the world and what is in the people’s hands. Seek greater goals. Simplify your life. Maximize your energy for Deen and Akhirah
  • Wives of Prophet Muhammad (saw) were given ways to live and support him. Because they would have to support him during times of great difficulty
Al-Huda, Fahm-ul-Quran 2015
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