Juz #24

Surah Az-Zumar: (continued)

  • What good is a person’s life, if the priority of the life was not to learn about Allah (swt) It should be our top priority
  • The most beloved people to Allah (swt) and the prophet (saw): 1)Those who are truthful, in speech, adherence and hearing the truth 2) Return trust 3) Be a good neighbor
  • Hold on and believe the truth
  • Do’er of good will their sins, worst of sins, removed on the Day.
  • Trust upon Allah (swt), Sufficient is Allah (swt) for me. Enough is He. Rely on Him, not on people.
  • The Quran is for all mankind
  • If you call someone to the Quran, if they accept, great. If they don’t, it’s no harm to you
  • Take the Quran to others. Its our job to do so. Learn it, know it yourself. This should be our priority. Our number one priority. There should be no choice, but that we must learn the Quran. And then help others through the Quran. Give them the Quran, etc. For example: share online what you learn!
  • Soul is taken during death and during sleep. We die, every night
  • Allah (swt) gives provisions to whoever He wants, and to whomever He doesn’t want to. Our success is under His control. He is in control. And we are weak. We are His servants
  • Never think you are unforgivable. We must repent. (Remember/recall the story of the man who committed 100 murders and then repented)
  • If you don’t correct your sins now, you will have regrets later. Because death can happen anytime.
  • We give only to the Deen, what and when it is easy for us. This is completely wrong!
  • Dua and Dhikr: washes away our sins
  • Every dweller of Hell, will see the place in heaven that was reserved for him/her. He/she will see it and then will regret.
  • No matter how many sins we have racked up. Turn to Allah (swt). In repentance.
  • There is a place in Hell, for the arrogant
  • Most of us don’t truly know and understand who Allah (swt) really is
  • The Horn will be blown, and everyone will be dead. Nobody will be alive. The Horn will then be blown again in..40 years, days, seconds, months… this nobody knows but Allah (swt)
  • And it is then after this second blowing of the horn, that we will be resurrected
  • Those who disbelieved will be driven into Hell in groups.
  • Everything in Jannah will be of luxury.


Surah Al-Ghafir: (the Forgiver)

  • Don’t be deceived by the disbelievers
  • Prophet Muhammad (saw) was given permission by Allah to describe one of the angels that carries the throne of Allah (swt). The prophet (saw) described the angel by saying that the distance between his shoulder and ear lobe is a journey of 700 years. (so you can only imagine their sizes) They are constantly busy glorifying Allah (swt), they also ask for forgiveness of the righteous and believers. The angels pray for these people.
  • Eight angels carry the throne of Allah (swt). They respond to each other in a beautiful soft voice, despite their large sizes.
  • We don’t even know who the angels are, but they for us. They pray for the believers. They pray to keep our families together in jannah.
  • The way out is now, to get out of our sins. There will be no exit in Hell.
  • Be sincere to Allah (swt) in religion, although the disbelievers will dislike it
  • Never hesitate in taking steps towards Allah (swt)
  • In this world we work SO hard to get promoted in a job, or title. But doing a small good deed for Allah (swt), this small step exalts you in many ranks. Raises you faster with Allah (swt). A far better promotion.
  • The Day of Judgement will be a very difficult day
  • Allah (swt) knows what our eyes have seen
  • Never think highly of ourselves. Gold is meant to go away. Meaning whatever we have will go away, will eventually leave us
  • A man from pharaoh’s family defended Prophet Musa, against the pharaoh.
  • Lying prevents guidance
  • This worldly life is only a temporary enjoyment
  • HereAfter is permanent, Eternal
  • The grave is the first stage of the HereAfter. If one is saved there, what follows will be easier. If one is not saved there, what follows will be harder.
  • The punishment of the grave is very very scary
  • No supplication will help us in Hell. It will be too late by then
  • Exalt praise, Tasbeeh/dhikr in the mornings and evenings.
  • Busy your tongue with Dhikr
  • People don’t like to give, don’t like to help, don’t like to be asked for things.
  • But Allah (swt) loves to give, help and to be asked. He loves it.
  • Dua is worship. Those who don’t ask for Allah (swt), He is angry with them. So ask Him. Ask Him for everything. Little or big. Even if it’s just a shoelace.
  • You dua is your relationship with Allah (swt). Weak dua means a weak connection with Allah (swt)
  • We must beg Allah (swt)
  • He has given us animals that we can both ride and eat.


Surah Fussilat: (Explained in detail)

  • Even though the Quran is so easy to understand, people still don’t listen, read or learn it.
  • Even our skin will testify against us. Will speak out against us.
  • Even being patient once in Hellfire, will not help. It will be too late by then
  • Be careful of friends or people who praise and downplay your sins. Making your sins look good to you. This is very dangerous.
  • Be good in speech, and invite to Allah (swt). Do righteousness.
  • When someone is evil, misbehaving, doing something wrong, we must correct them, teach them, calmly and nicely. Patiently help them. Don’t be harsh with them, because they are ignorant and do not know better.
  • Repel evil with good. Don’t respond with harshness. Look at the underlying problem. But not everyone can do this unless they have patience. Patience is the key.
  • Shaytan will make you angry. Will tell you to respond in anger and harshness. Don’t curse the shaytan, but instead seek refuge from him.
  • People who don’t want to believe, will try to come up with any excuse not to believe.
Al-Huda, Fahm-ul-Quran 2015
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