Juz #2

Surah al-Baqarah (continued):
  • It is through changes, that Allah (swt) tests us. For example: changing of the Qibla (the direction of the Kaaba, to which Muslims turn to at prayer)
  • Fard (obligatory) prayer must be performed facing the Qibla,unless impossible. For example: in an airplane
  • Ignore what the critics may say. Critics are a test for us and our good deeds. Will we still continue to do for Allah (swt), what we said we would do, despite the critics?
  • Don’t fear the people. Fear only Allah (swt). This is the true sign of Iman (faith).
  • Fear of Allah (swt) in open and in secret. One of the things that save people, is the fear of Allah (swt) as if you are seeing Him.
  • Dhikr (remembrance of Allah) on the tongue is a result of remembrance of Allah (swt) in our hearts.
  • Seek help through patience and prayer. We should deal with all of life’s problems in this way.
  • Good news is for those who seek Allah (swt)’s help. For those who are patient.
  • Be grateful for what you have. Be hopeful.
  • This world is full of problems, there will be problem after problem here. Because this is not Janaah. Jannah is problem free, this world is not.
  • But our hearts can be at peace, if we are patient
  • Allah (swt)’s signs, Allah (swt)’s creations are everywhere. But we remain oblivious and unimpressed. We don’t appreciate. We instead are only interested in the makers/creators of phones, bags, clothes, etc. What about the Creator of this whole entire world?
  • One of our biggest weaknesses is our eating habits. We must watch what we eat in order to protect us from the Shaytan. Check food, Check if its good. Check if its halal.
  • If we follow the Quran, our companion will be the Quran.
  • The following people are those who Allah (swt) will NOT speak to: Those who concealed the truth, and old man committing Zinna, a ruler who lies, a proud poor person, those who have extra water but don’t give it to those who are thirsty
  • Righteousness doesn’t stop at one thing. We must continue to try to improve ourselves. The process does not and should not stop
  • If you cannot fast, pay the ransom/payment (feeding a poor person/day) Give fidya (compensation for not fasting).
  • Don’t leave your fast for petty reasons, Fasting is an obligation.
  • Ramadan is the month of the Quran
  • Fasting teaches us gratefulness. We begin to appreciate every little thing
  • Call upon Allah (swt) with certainty and conviction that Allah (swt) will answer.
  • We go towards haram (unlawful) and sins because of our love for this dunya, this world
  • Do not be unfair to your enemy. Don’t transgress.
  • Go to war to eradicate Fitnah, to rid of oppression. Not for fame, land or riches. Fitnah is worse than killing.
  • Spend in the way of Allah (swt): Food, Hajj, charity, sadaqah (voluntary charity), on the community. For the cause of Allah. For promotion of the Deen.
  • Ayah 196: Hajj rites and rituals
  • This world is very beautiful for the disbelievers
  • Spend your extra wealth on parents, family, orphans, the needy, travelers. Not always on yourself and luxuries.
  • Spend of what you have in excess on these things, in the way of Allah (swt).
  • For marriage: Iman is a condition. Not love, looks or attraction.
  • Divorced women remain in waiting for 3 menstrual cycles (3 periods)
  • Men have a degree over women (responsibility and authority)
  • Don’t take anything back at the time of divorce ( i.e. gifts)
  • Women can breastfeed for 2 complete years only. Can wean off before that.
  • Importance of prayer, especially Asr (afternoon prayer).
  • Running away from something doesn’t guarantee safety. Whatever is meant to happen by Allah (swt), will happen, we cannot escape it.
  • Ilm ( knowledge) is of greater value than money/wealth.
  • A person who cannot control themselves in the matter of food/drink, that person cannot bare hardship, therefore will not be able to work in the cause of Allah (swt).
  • Good intentions, hard work and dua lead to Allah (swt) granting us success
  • The greater the effort, the greater the reward.
  • David killed Goliath, with the permission of Allah (swt).
Al-Huda, Fahm-ul-Quran 2015
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