Juz Thoughts


These are my notes. My thoughts, my reflections, my reminders. Reminders I made note of during the lectures of this course. This is not by any means a tafseer (exegesis) of the Quran. These are just my notes on the translation of the Quran. Simply my own understanding of the translation of the Quran. Any mistakes, typos or errors are of my own, and I accept full responsibility for them. Of course, I will correct any that I see, as soon as possible. Please feel free to bring to my attention if you catch any. 🙂

My purpose for sharing these notes is to inspire you to open the Quran, to read the Quran, to understand the Quran further, and to implement it into your lives. My hope, inshaAllah is that by reading my notes and summaries, you too will realize, that there is a vast ocean of knowledge and information in the Quran, waiting for us to avail.