Juz #29

Surah Al-Mulk: (The Sovereignty) 

  • This surah will intercede for people who recite.
  • Surah Tabarak is another name, first word of this surah.
  • Prevents people from being punished in the grave
  • Hell is loud, yelling, screaming, dreadful, inhaling. Almost bursting with rage when people are thrown into it.
  • We must listen, open your heart.
  • Where we would get our provision or rain if Allah (swt) prevented or stopped it
  • Use our hearing, vision, hearts for what they are created for
  • Never take anything granted. Be grateful for the endless blessings


Surah Al-Qalam: (the Pen) 

  • First thing, Allah (swt) created was the pens.
  • Allah (swt) honored the Pen, by making it, the First creation
  • Reward for the Prophet (saw) is uninterrupted endless reward, because he was of great moral character. Of great Akhlaq.
  • Greatest character: richest in this world and the next
  • Prophet Muhammad (saw)’s character was the Quran. He was the practical implementation of the Quran. He was a source of comfort for others.
  • Don’t obey every worthless habitual swearer or scorner. Those who go about in malicious gossip, preventers of good, transgressing, those who sinful, illegitimate pretenders.
  • Withholding goodness, we will be deprived of goodness. Don’t be selfish.
  • Must share our goodness, don’t hold back or else goodness will be back from us
  • Loss of HereAfter is permanent
  • Prostration, being able to and being invited to, is a huge blessing.
  • On that Day, disbelievers will not be invited to, will not be able to prostrate.
  • Our limbs are capable now, to do sujood. So prostrate now. As much as we can. We won’t be able to later. So don’t refuse to do it now.
  • Hypocrites, the ones who show off with prayer now, won’t be able to do that then.
  • Allah (swt) will reveal His shin on that day, and the believers will prostrate
  • Disbelievers will not be able to, they will be humiliated on the Day.
  • Every sujood has so much reward and rank in it. Don’t miss it.
  • Repent and do tasbeeh.
  • Prophet (saw) is the best example. Hold onto his example.


Surah Al-Haqqah: (the Reality)

  • Those who denied this reality were destroyed. The people of Thamud were destroyed by an overpowering blast. People of A’ad were destroyed by a screaming violent wind for 7 nights/8 days, that knocked them down to the ground. And no remains are left. All destroyed and wiped out.
  • It’s all a reminder for us to be conscious of it
  • The day the Horn will blow, that Day will be the displayed for Judgement. Nothing will be concealed, nothing will be hidden
  • As for the one who believed in this Haqq, this inevitable Day. The one who feared, obeyed and was righteous will be given his/her record in his/her right had. He/she will say: “Here read my record. Indeed I was certain that I would be meeting my account.”
  • So he/she will be given a pleasant life of gardens and hanging fruit. These people will be told to: eat and drink in satisfaction for what you put forth in the days passed. For the sacrifice and efforts you made in the dunya.
  • Very few days here on Earth, in this world, in this dunya. Make them count. Don’t let wealth and kids consume you. They are just beautification for this life. They are temporary. They are decorations of the world and are meaningless.
  • Those given records in their left hand, will be regretful. They will say: I wish I had not been given my record.
  • By then it will be too late to regret, to repent, to be sad. Allah (swt) will say: Seize him, shackle him” drive him to Hell and chain him.
  • Because these “left-handers” did not believe in Allah (swt), did not encourage feeding the poor. They will therefore have no friend. No food except the discharge of wounds. A truly horrifying sight.
  • The Quran is the word of a Noble Messenger. Not a poet or madman. It’s a revelation from the Lord of the worlds.
  • If Muhammad (saw) would have made something up, something false, Allah (swt) would have seized him, cut him from his aorta. And nobody could have prevented Allah (swt) from doing this.


Surah Al-Maarij: (the Ascending stairways)

  • Everyone will ascend to Him on the Day, which will be 50,000 years long.
  • Be patient with gracious patience
  • Best servants are those who when you see them, they remind you of Allah (swt)
  • Worst servants are those who spread gossip and cause division between friends.
  • Love they needy, because than Allah (swt) will love you. Bring benefit to others.
  • On that Day, the sky will be like murky oil, mountains will be like wool, no friend will be a friend to each other. Criminals will want to ransom their own kids, family and friends, just to save themselves from the Hellfire. Everyone will be so selfish that Day. Hellfire will burn their skin off.
  • Hell invites disobedient, collectors of wealth and hoarding it, impatient when evil touches them, withholders of anything good. This is like all the people. Except those who: observe prayers, consistently and constantly remembering Allah (swt). And those who know their wealth is also for the needy. For those needy that ask and those who don’t ask. (Ayah 24)
  • Anything that is surplus, must be given away! Give to those who are in need! These are of noble qualities.


Surah Nuh: (Noah)

  • Prophet Noah (as) did so much to warn his people, constantly. He reminded them to believe, fear and obey. But they didn’t obey.
  • Ayah 28: A good dua that was made by him.
  • And Allah (swt) drowned them (all the disbelievers and wrongdoers) and then put them in Hell.


Surah Al-Jinn: (the Jinn)

  • Jinn listened to the Quran, who believed in it as soon as they heard it.
  • Some people were afraid of jinn. But we shouldn’t be because our status of humans is higher than the jinn
  • The jinn said the Quran was amazing. They said that previously they would go up to the heavens and listen to the Angels, then relay what they heard. But now the heavens were being guarded. The jinn did not understand why until they heard the Quran. Now it made sense to the jinn.
  • There are good and bad jinn. Jinn acknowledge they too cannot escape from Allah (swt).
  • The jinn believed in the message, after hearing it once. Noah (as)’s people refused to believe for 950 years.
  • If people stay on the right path, Allah (swt) gives them abundant provision. (Ayah 16)
  • When Muhammad (saw) stood up to supplicate prayer to Allah (swt), the jinn came in masses to hear him
  • The Jinn were eager for guidance, hidaya, and to learn.


Surah Al-Muzzamil: (the Enshrouded one)

  • In this surah, the Prophet (saw) is told to wake up. To sleep little and to get up from comfort. Being told to get up for qiyam al-lal. The night prayer. Is being told to cut down on rest. To stand in the night, half the night. Recite Quran slowly and properly.
  • Are we willing to give up our sleep for Allah (swt)’s Qalam.
  • The silence and peace of night allows you to focus on what you are reading.
  • After Fajr, the prayer of the night (Tahajjud) is the next best prayer. Best to recite Quran at this time.
  • If someone intends to wake up for Tahajjud, and sleep over comes them, the intention will be recorded for them. The reward is written for your sincere intention, and the sleep is then recorded as charity/gift for you from Allah (swt).
  • Someone who has a comfortable bed, a loving beautiful spouse and still wakes up to pray at night, Allah (swt) smiles at this person out of total happiness with this person.
  • Night prayer is how you get control of your nafs.
  • Be patient with non-believers or deniers, avoid them with gracious avoidance.
  • Leave the matters of the deniers, those with ease in this life, to Allah.
  • That Day is a very distressful day, that will even make children go white-haired.
  • For two thirds, half, for one-third of the night, stand in prayer. Whatever amount you can. Recite what is easy for you. Get up when you can. Do what you can. Don’t leave the sunnah altogether.
  • No sacrifice of ours is wasted.
  • Give zakah!


Surah Al-Muddaththir: (the Cloaked One)

  • Arise and warn.
  • In clean, not smelly clothing. Glorify Allah (swt). Avoid uncleanliness. Don’t do favors expecting something in return. Be patient for your Lord.
  • The Day will be difficult. Especially for the disbelievers. For the one who got extensive money and wealth, children, and an easy life. For those who after all this that they received still wanted more. They still desired more. But towards the Quran were very obstinate. They deliberated and will be destroyed for deliberating and then turning their backs, arrogantly. Saying it was “magic” and “words of a human”. These are the people who will be driven to Saqar. Saqar leaves nothing unburned, blackened skins. Over it are 19 angels.
  • The people of Saqar are those who didn’t pray, didn’t feed the poor, entered into vain discussions, and denied the Day.
  • Don’t abandon salat/prayer
  • The mention of Fire is not but a reminder to humanity


Surah Al-Qiyamah: (the Resurrection)

  • The Day of recompense is certain. Moon will darken, sun and moon will be joined. No refuge or escape that Day, from that Day. The Day is a place of permanence.
  • Don’t recite while Quran is being recited. Wait until it is done being recited.
  • Some faces will be radiant on that Day, glowing and shining
  • Guard Fajr and Asr prayers, and if you can, your face on the Day will be glowing. Will see Allah on that Day.
  • Other faces will be contorted. Faces of those who denied, didn’t pray, were prideful.
  • Allah created man from just a sperm from semen. So can He not give life to the dead?


Surah Al-Insan: (the Man)

  • There was a time, that man didn’t even exist.
  • Righteous will drink from a mixture of Kafur, an abundant spring.
  • And who are these righteous? They are those who kept their vows, feared the Day, gave food despite their love for it, to the needy, to the orphans, to the captives, etc. They would say, we only feed you for the reward from Allah (swt). For the countenance of Allah (swt). They are the ones who were concerned about Allah (swt)’s happiness with them. They are the ones who feared the Day.
  • So Allah (swt) will protect the righteous from evil that Day. He will give them radiance and happiness, a reward for their patience and endurance. He will give them gardens and silk garments, adorned in reclined couches, with no burning sun or freezing cold conditions. There will be shades above them. Fruits for picking will be lowered for ease. Will drink from clear silver glasses. They will have cups of a ginger wine mixture from a fountain in Paradise named, Salsabeel. Whatever you wish for will be given to you. Servants will serve eternally, beautiful as scattered pearls. The lowest person in Jannah will have 1000 servants tending to him/her. They, the righteous will be adorned in green silk garments, bracelets of silver. Allah (swt) will give them a purifying drink. “A reward for you, your effort has been appreciated”
  • Mention the name of your Lord in prayers, morning and evening. Dhikr! We can never do enough Dhikr. Prostrate in the long portion of the night.


Surah Al-Mursalat: (the Emissaries)

  • This was the last surah, Prophet (saw) was heard reciting. The last surah he recited
  • By the angels, who deliver a clear warning.
  • Whatever is promised by Allah (swt), will occur
  • Heaven will be opened, mountains will be blown away
  • Earth is a container for the living and the dead
  • The Day, is when the deniers who speak, nor will they be permitted to make any excuse. Everyone will be assembled
Al-Huda, Fahm-ul-Quran 2015
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