Juz #1

beautiful_road_3-wallpaper-2048x1152Surah Al-Fatihah: (The Opener)
  • The Best Surah (a chapter of the Quran). The Superior Surah. The Opening.
  • When making dua (supplication), after Salat (prayer), we should first praise Allah (swt) (Glory to Him, the Exalted)
  • Don’t be haste or in a hurry to make and finish your dua.
  • Praise Allah (swt) with His names, His grandness.
  • And then ask Him, for His Help to guide us. Because we are always in need of His help and His guidance.
  • Al-Fatihah (the Opener) is a dua itself. A dua for seeking the Right guidance. And so Allah (swt) has presented the entire Quran. The Quran is the reply to this dua.
  • The saying: SubhanAllah wa bihamdhihi: Glory to Allah and praise Him. ( repeating this 100x- wipes away your sins even if they are like the foam of the sea)
  • Alhamdulilah Alla kulli Haal: Alhamdulilah (all praise and thanks is due to Allah) in any situation.
  • Our duas should be sandwiched: Praises for Allah> Durood Sharif (invocation of Allah’s blessings on Prophet Muhammad> our Dua > Durood Sharif
Surah Al-Baqarah: ( The Cow)
  • Madina Surah, except for the last 3 verses, which were revealed in Makkah.
  • 3 groups are described: 1) An-Amta Alayhim: Those who have knowledge and implement it 2) Magdoob Alayhim: Have knowledge and do NOT implement it 3) Dahleen: Those who don’t have knowledge and therefore don’t implement.
  • Group #3 is considered: Lost. Allah (swt) knows best what will happen to them.
  • Quran has been given to us for guidance. It is NOT for us to judge others.
  • Taqwa (God-conscious, being mindful of Allah) >>> Guidance >>> Success. These are Muttaqeen (Possessors of Taqwa). They will be safe from the Hellfire, going directly to Jannah (Heaven)
  • Prophet Adam (as) and the Shaytan (Devil, Satan, Shaitan) both made mistakes. The difference between them was that: Prophet Adam (as) repented and apologized, while Shaytan was arrogant and did not apologize.
  • Tawbah (Repentance) steps: Realize, Stop, Regret, Reform, Resolve.
  • Solution for any problem: Sabr (Patience) (specific Dua: Ayah #22, Surah Al-Araf)
  • Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) (as) accomplished by himself, what it would would taken a whole nation to accomplish.
  • May Allah (swt) protect us from people and jinn that say and make us believe that reflecting in the Quran is unnecessary
  • Lying is the biggest form of hypocrisy. If there is Iman (faith) in the heart, he/she will not lie.
  • Faasiq: one who breaks his promise with Allah (swt), dissolute person. Cuts off relations with Allah (swt)
  • Good words >> Good relationships
  • No one can hurt another person unless Allah (swt) allows it (regardless of how strong or how much the magic)
  • The one who truly has taqwa, truly believes in the unseen
  • Three features of Hypocrites: 1) When he/she speaks, he/she lies. 2) When he/she makes promises, he/she breaks it. 3) When he/she is entrusted with something, he/she betrays that trust.
  • These are the features of the hypocrites, even if this person fasts, prays, goes for Hajj (pilgrimage to Makkah), etc.
  • All good deeds are nullified if one Lies. No one trait was hated more by the Prophet Muhammad (saw) (peace be upon him), than Lying.
  • The freedom in this life, is a test. A test to see who will we choose to worship and obey.
  • Jannah is free from all distress. No distress in Jannah.
  • We must ask Allah (swt) for help in all matters. Matters related to Deen(religion of Islam) or the Dunya (world).
  • Book of Allah (swt), the Quran, is the way out of misguidance.
  • Eat to succeed in worship. Eat simple. Don’t desire delicacy after delicacy.
  • Its not your blood/lineage that will allow you to enter Jannah. Its your faith and deeds.
  • Sin is the killer of faith. Repeated sinning = hardening of the heart.
  • Don’t pick and choose what to believe, or what to obey in worship.
  • Bani Israel (Children of Israel) started practicing black magic to cause fitnah (to disrupt the peace of the community, distress, affliction), to cause separation between husbands and wives. To break the home. This is the most hated, worst, demonic, shaytani (devilish, satanic) act.
  • Life is full of problems that are all tests for us. Because this life, is Not Jannah. Therefore there will be “problems” (tests) here.
  • Jews and Christians will never approve of  you until you follow their religion.
  • Taqwa: God consciousness
  • Lies, deception, ridicule, deep love for the dunya, hypocrisy all are qualities of the Munafiqeen (hypocrites)
  • Knowledge should be acquired in order to act on it.
  • Do every deed at the level of perfection for Allah like a Mohsin.
  • Focus on the quality of deed instead of quantity. Hope/pray/make dua that Allah accepts it.
  • Be content with every decision of Allah (swt)
Al-Huda, Fahm-ul-Quran 2015
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