Juz #14

Surah Al-Hijr: (The Rocky Tract)

  • Soon there will be a time that those who disbelieved will wish they had been Muslims.
  • Allah (swt) has given us freedom of choice as a test. For a limited time.
  • Never be impressed or jealous of people who are disobeying Allah (swt)
  • Use this freedom, use this time, use this world as work. Use it wisely. Because the eventual home of enjoyment and comfort is Jannah.
  • Eventually our time will expire. Just as cities, empires, communities have and do expire. It will all come to an end.
  • Allah (swt) sent the Quran and He will protect it. He will preserve it because we are in need of it.
  • Ask yourself what am I doing with the Book of Allah (swt)? How much do I recite it? Do I love the book of Allah (swt)? Does it enter my heart? Do my actions change because of it? Don’t think of it as chore or job. Enjoy it.
  • Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: If anyone who acquires knowledge of astrology, then he has acquired a branch of magic.
  • When people start thinking about stars and astrology, we must refrain from it. From listening to it.
  • Do not be jealous or envious of what other people have, because Allah (swt) has endless treasures, ask Him. Don’t despair.
  • Allah (swt) sends His blessings down according to His known measure. When He thinks we need, He will send it down, because He knows. He always knows.
  • We are created from altered black mud.
  • The story of Iblees (shaytan) is mentioned here. Iblees promised he will make disobedience attractive to those on Earth. That he will mislead them all. By making this world attractive. So attractive that a person doesn’t even think of looking forward to Jannah. That mankind will get so lost and attracted to this life: clothes, people, food, money etc. mankind forgets about Jannah. Forgets what is beyond this life. Concentrates on this life only. Sleep is made attractive, so that we cannot get up for prayer. We start to justify our disobedience. Iblees makes sinning attractive.
  • Remember Allah (swt). Only His chosen servants, those who fear Him, it is those that Iblees will be afraid of.
  • Hell has 7 gates. That’s how big it is. Noisy and merciless guards. This is what we should really be afraid of.
  • The righteous will enter Jannah, safe and peaceful. Resentment from their hearts will be removed. They will not feel tired or fatigue in any way. The inhabitants of Jannah will get along with everyone there.
  • The believers after, being saved from the Hellfire, will cross a bridge. Before entering Jannah they will be stopped at another bridge, Khantarah.
  • Fairness will be established here, so their hearts are clean before entering. All misunderstandings will be resolved. Hearts will be cleansed and beautified. They will then enter Jannah.
  • We should forgive and let go of grudges. Keep our hearts clean.
  • The story of the angels visiting prophet Abraham (as) and informing him about becoming a father, is mentioned here.
  • Prophet Abraham (as) was surprised because he was 100 years old and too old to become a father now.
  • Prophet Muhammad (saw) was 60 years old when he went for Hajj.
  • We have become a society of weaklings.
  • Story of Prophet Lot (as) is mentioned here again.
  • Story of Thamud is mentioned here again.
  • Don’t look at the things you don’t have, especially in this world. It’s a waste. It will seem attractive to you. Don’t grieve over it.
  • Shaytan loves to see a believer that is sad. A believer that is in doubt and thinking of giving up something good. He loves to prey on these people. Who are on the fence about something good. For example: contemplating giving up hijab or the beard.
  • But be comforted that Allah (swt) knows how you feel.
  •  Allah (swt) has chosen 4 words: SubhanAllah, Alhamduililah, La-illaha-illalah, Allahu Akbar
  • Dhikr of Allah (swt) comforts you, doesn’t let you feel alone, takes your fear away. Worship Him until the end.
  • Ghaween: deviators. Give in to shaytan. Deviate and will follow him to Hell.
  • Mukhlaseen: sincere and chosen servants. Stick to the straight path and will enter Jannah.


Surah An-Nahl: (The Bee)

  • Animals have been created: to help us, carry us, feed us, warm us. Be thankful for them. Use them but do not abuse them.
  • Allah (swt) sends rain for us to drink, for foliage, to grow crops: olives, grapes, fruits, etc.
  • Think about and admire the night and the day, sun and the moon, the stars. These are the signs. Think about them. Reflect on them. Appreciate these things. Appreciate the Designer. Appreciate the Creator.
  • Appreciate the sea, seafood, the pearls from the sea. The rivers, the roads, the landmarks. The stars are for our guidance when traveling.
  • Allah (swt) does NOT life arrogant people.
  • The more you reflect on the Quran, the more you believe it. The better your Iman will be.
  • For those who do good in this world, is good. The home of the HereAfter is better.
  • In Jannah you will have whatever you wish. Allah (swt) rewards the righteous.
  • When the angels come to take you: they will say Salam, enter paradise for what you used to do
  • When a person knows the rewards Allah (swt) has prepared in Jannah, a person becomes patient and obedient in this life*. If only, we knew the reward.*
  • Those who strive and emigrate for the cause of Allah (swt), even after being wronged, Allah (swt) will settle them in this world a good place. But the reward of the HereAfter is greater.
  • The explanation of the Quran = is the Sunnah.
  • Sajdah (prostration) is a deed very beloved by Allah (swt)
  • Never be fearless of Allah (swt)’s wrath.
  • People are still ashamed when given news of the birth of a daughter. A girl. They are looked down upon, still. And the Prophet Muhammad (saw) forbade this.
  • Grazing livestock are a lesson for us. We drink from what is in their bellies. Between the excretion and the blood- Milk that is pure and tasty. Prophet Muhammad (saw) said that Milk is the one things that satisfies both hunger and thirst.
  • The source of Honey comes from the belly of the Bee. A source of good. The believer should be like the bee. Consumes (eats) good and produces (excrete) good. And whatever it lands on (gently) it doesn’t break or ruin it.
  • Drink honey, there is healing in it.
  • Use our body, eyes, ears, mouth for good. Don’t use it for bad. We will be questioned about we did with the sound and able body that Allah (swt) gave us. Are we just overindulging it, feeding it, sleeping, all to just satisfy it physically? Or are we using it remember Allah (swt), to stand in prayer at night?
  • So when reciting the Quran, first seek refuge in Allah (swt) from shaytan.
  • Shaytan cannot mislead those who rely on and believe in Allah (swt).
  • Shaytan has more control over those who neglect the Quran. The disbelievers.
  • We follow the religion of prophet Abraham (as). He did the work of a nation. He was righteous and has a great reward in the HereAfter.
  • Be tolerant and forgiving. If you must punish, punish justly and fairly. Don’t overly punish though.
  • But it’s better to be patient and forgive if you have been wronged.
Al-Huda, Fahm-ul-Quran 2015
Al-huda, the Quran club