Juz #27

Surah At-Tur: (the Mount)

  • This is the mountain where Allah (swt) spoke to Musa (as)
  • Think about where our time and life goes. Useless talk, social media. Rather than using this time for worship we waste it away. We need to stop wasting these precious moments. We need to stop being wasteful.
  • No act is easier than Dhikr! There is no easier deed. What effort does this require? No effort whatsoever.
  • Ayah 19: more descriptions of Jannah are mentioned here.
  • Remain fearful of Allah (swt) even at home. With our families. Don’t cover up each others’ sins. Instead advise and correct each other out of fear or Allah (swt)
  • All excuses made for not believing are refuted here.
  • Praise Allah (swt) in the morning, night prayer, end of the night, end of the day, beginning of the day.


Surah An-Najm: (the Star)

  • Angel Gabriel is the most strong and powerful angel. Prophet Muhammad (saw) saw him in actuality. It’s the truth what he saw. It is not fabricated. Prophet Muhammad (saw) saw angel Gabriel at another place too, the Lote tree. (Sidrat-al-Muntaha). This lote tree starts to grow from the 6th heaven and marks the end of the 7th heaven. It’s a gate like tree area, where everything goes through or just stops there. And everything from above descends down and stops there.
  • The truth doesn’t change according to our wishes.
  • Avoid major sins, little ones will happen, but avoid the big ones. Minor sins are committed by everyone, and for that we must repent.
  • Each person is responsible for themselves.
  • Efforts will be examined and seen on the Day
  • This is the first surah in which prostration was mentioned for the first time.


Surah Al-Qamar: (the Moon)

  • The miracle that was shown by the prophet Muhammad (saw): was the splitting of the moon into 2 parts and then joining it back together.
  • But the disbelieving people did not believe it and passed it off as “magic”
  • The prophet (saw) said that the people will be gathered in 3 ways on the Final Day. 1) Those who wish and hope for paradise, fearing punishment 2) Riding 2, 3, 10 etc., on a camel 3) urged to gather by the Fire.
  • The Quran is something we should take lessons from. It is not difficult to understand.


Surah Ar-Rahman: ( the Beneficent)

  • Allah (swt) has created balance. The Quran addresses people and jinn
  • “So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?” this is repeated 33 times.
  • When Prophet (saw) was reciting this surah, the jinn came to listen. Upon hearing this ayah, they would respond (and this is something we should do too, out loud or in our hearts): Oh our Lord, there is no blessing of yours that we deny. For you is all praise.
  • He created us from clay: cool and calm. So we must remain this way.
  • He created jinn from flame and fire: fiery, and that is what they can be, angry and full of pride.
  • Let’s not be like those jinn.
  • The universe never stops bring uncountable changes each and every single day. Allah (swt) does all this, He manages all this.
  • Flame, fire, smoke will be will be sent and we won’t be able to defend ourselves.
  • On that Day, the Final Day, nobody will be actually asked about their sins. Sins will be open to see. Criminals will be known by their marks. Spiritual reality of a person will be obviously open to see.
  • Ayah 46: description of Jannah.
  • Our priority here should not be complete and true rest. That will not happen. True eternal rest is in Jannah.
  • Look forward to the beauty of Jannah
  • Is the reward for good, anything but good?
  • We must work in Ihsaan. If someone treat you badly you must return by being nicer to them.
  • Jannah is complete.
  • People of Jannah are good and beautiful, inside and outside.
  • Beauty of Jannah will increase, and you will become more and more beautiful there.


Surah Al-Waqiah: (the Inevitable)

  • That Day is inevitable. It will happen. We cannot deny it.
  • There will be 3 groups of people who Day. People on the Right, people on the Left, and the people in the Front. The people in the front will be the forerunners, the closest to Allah (swt) These were the people who were ahead in doing good here on Earth)
  • There are certain deeds that will help you catch up with those righteous people who are ahead of you in ranks and good deeds. And those behind you will not be able to catch up. This is to be of the Sabiqun. According to prophet Muhammad (saw): saying Alhamdulilah, SubhanAllah, Allah Akbar, 33, 33, 34 times respectively, after each prayer. Also the Sabiqun prayed nafl too. We on the other hand, rush though our Fard prayers, not even stopping to pray the sunnah or nafl prayers.
  • More about the beauty of Jannah is described here.
  • The Prophet Muhammad (saw) said there is a tree in Jannah, who shade extends so far that a rider could travel for 100 years and still be under the shade.
  • The people of the Left are those going to Hell. They were the rich and affluent on Earth. Descriptions of Hell are mentioned here.
  • We are travelers
  • Why don’t we thank Him for every single thing He gives us
  • Provisions are given to us by Allah (swt). He gives to those He like and to those He doesn’t like. But the Quran and Iman He gives to those He likes.
  • Glorify Allah (swt) constantly. Do good as soon as possible. Invest all your time for Him.
  • SubhanAllahi Azeemi wa bihamdhihi


Surah Al-Hadid: (the Iron)

  • Take the name of Allah (swt) and He will be near you. All problems disappear.
  • Spend in the cause and sake of Allah (swt). He will not leave you poor.
  • Those who respond early, their reward is unmatched
  • When crossing the sirat, people will given light to cross it. The light will be according to their deeds. The more the good deeds the more the light. Some will cross as quickly as the speed of light, the speed of sound, the blink of an eye, etc.
  • Sirat is thinner than a hair
  • Some light be as small as your big toe. Flickering inconsistently.
  • Think about what kind of light we want that day. Be attached to good work, for good light that Day. Accumulate good wherever you go. So that you may have the noor on that Day
  • Dua Noor- especially during Fajr after Sunnat prayer before Fajr prayer.
  • The worldly life is enjoyment of delusion
  • Race toward forgiveness from your Lord.


Al-Huda, Fahm-ul-Quran 2015
Al-huda, the Quran club